Scudamore Evidence Preview

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By Oliver Deed

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee decided a while back to conduct a follow-up enquiry into Football Governance, having published a detailed report on the subject in July 2011. The follow-up has come as a result of the inadequate response of the football authorities to proposals contained in that report. The response waffled and waxed lyrical about the work that the Football Association, Football League and Premier League is doing in the world of sport but failed to answer the fundamental questions raised by the select committee report and address the proposals that were raised on a plethora of subjects.  There is no need to document this in detail as the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust did so in a letter to the select committee here.

Today sees Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive of the Premier League, giving evidence to the committee and in many ways, his input and outlook is the most important, as he represents the 20 richest clubs in England, with all the financial clout that comes with it. Some of the questions he should be asked tomorrow are:

  1. Has the mechanism of self-regulation in the Premier League failed and if so, what system should replace it?
  1. Why have proposals for a strong licencing framework for football clubs been ignored?
  1. Whether the Premier League will commit to supporting the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters’ Direct financially in the long term?

David Conn, over at the Guardian, laid out twenty questions parliament should ask Scudamore the last time he went before the select committee. Many of those twenty questions still apply. Hopefully the select committee will go some way to getting answers to them second time around.

We will review Scudamore’s evidence as soon as the transcript becomes available

10th July 2012. 


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