Is Football Racist?

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Last night, BBC Three aired Clarke Carlisle’s documentary on racism in football. If you haven’t had t

he chance to watch it, you can see it here.

Last night we asked for some comments from our followers on Twitter. Here are a selection of them:

@KayCPage racism is more than a word, it’s about equality and lack of I in the higher ranks of football”

@xavierlabat football itself isn’t racist, but within football their is racism to do with the opportunity to play the game”


@adamwhite567 You can write essays on the topic. But as a doc, very informative, gets the issue out there. A lot more needs to be done That being said. Barnes part was questionable as his management record is poor which devalues a very plausible argument”

@2FootedTackle23 the game needs a root and branch look at itself asking the simple question that #ClarkeCarlisle asked”

@JoshStanton87 if football is racist, then its also ageist, size-ist, xenophobic, homophobic, shallow, judgemental and quick to stereotype”

What do you think? If you have a view, let us know and we’ll publish it.

17th July 2012


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