Southampton Council Motion on Sustainable Football

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Southampton Labour Councillor, Andrew Pope has submitted the following motion to Southampton City Council for debate at their full council meeting on Wednesday 12th September 2012, 2pm:

Motion on Sustainable Football
This Council believes that football clubs are vital community assets, and are more than just ordinary businesses. Communities, and fans, have strong interests in clubs.
This Council urges the football authorities, all elected representatives, Government, members of theHouse of Lords, all political parties and community activists to campaign to promote fan and community ownership and control of football clubs at all levels. 
This Council also encourages the reform of football governance rules to encourage fan and community ownership and control to achieve financially-sustainable clubs, rather than the failed so-called “benefactor model” that has led to administration or liquidation of clubs.
Supporters Direct has helped supporters to secure influence and ownership of sports clubs, but due to funding cuts in 2011, it is suffering potential funding shortfalls. This Council urges the Government, football authorities and funding bodies to urgently find sustainable models of funding for Supporters Direct. 
This Council welcomes financial fair play initiatives by UEFA, the Football League and Football Conference that help sustain football clubs in the interests of the community by controlling debt and risk. This Council urges the Premier League to do the same. 
This Council believes player pay is at unsustainable levels, meaning investment in clubs and communities suffers. This Council therefore urges the football authorities, at all levels of the game, to place a limit on total spending on player transfers and wages. This limit would be a sustainable percentage (e.g. 60%) of the total revenue of each club in a financial year.
If you’re a Labour member in Southampton or nearby, please contact @CllrPope. We’d also encourage Labour Groups up and down the country to consider submitting a similar motion to their councils. Together we can build the momentum necessary for a sustainable future in football.
3rd September 2012

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