A good few weeks for Labour, For Football And Women’s Football

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But a shocker for my team!

This week, we’ve had fantastic news that a campaign has been won. Members of Labour Friends of Football, the Co-operative Party and the Labour Party have been listened to. Football supporters will having the right to appoint directors, the right to 10% ownership and accredited supporters trust. It’s a giant leap in the right direction that will only be delivered if we get a Labour government at next year’s general election. Good news on good policies.

Imagine if more supporters were sitting at the board table of your club! My team is Sunderland and to their credit, they haven’t hiked up the ticket prices over the last few years. We’ve had genuine Sunderland supporters and ex players on the board. But would a boardroom with more supporters have appointed all of our managers in the last few years? It would have been interesting to hear those discussions.

A glass ceiling has been shattered…

The news on the Labour Party’s policies followed another positive footballing move. You’d be forgiven if you’ve missed it. There was no fuss or drama. In Match of the Day’s 50th year, Eniola Aluko, the Chelsea and England striker, was the first female pundit. It has come after several broadcasters have aired football programs with female presenters.

It’s great that women are being recognised more and more by the football mainstream. It’s even better that it is so normal and accepted. I’m sure there are many more milestones to be broken, I’m sure that many already have been broken. Job well done, Eni! Nice one MOTD and the BBC.

And then you go and blow it Sunderland…

I’ve been feeling quite positive about football. Things we’ve talked about for a long time are Labour policy! My team in the Labour Friends of Football fantasy league has not been last every week. Sunderland might not get relegated this year. And then we go to Southampton! You would think that another team with red and white stripes wouldn’t be too mean to us! Our worst league defeat since the year I was born (sniffs). Howay, Sunderland, man! Never mind the board room, let me on the training ground so I can tell the lads (the players) how much the Labour Friends of Football lot are going to remind me about this result! Especially our chair, The Pope!

Some things just don’t change quick enough!

Janine Docherty
Vice Chair, Labour Friends of Football


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