Don’t just kiss the badge, pay the supporters back…literally!

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The saga of the 8-0 defeat continues.

The Sunderland goalkeeper, Vito Mannone, said in an interview that he would speak to the other players about paying for the refunds for those supporters who travelled to Southampton to watch the battering.

Today, Sunderland football club have announced how supporters can claim the cost of their tickets over the next few weeks. Any unclaimed monies will be donated to a local charity.

In the context of what happened it’s not a grand gesture, but it is a group of people beginning to take responsibility for their actions. This is the sort of responsibility Labour Friends of Football’s “Don’t Just kiss the badge” campaign is about, supporting local people it the club’s local area. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it happened more often!

Well done lads! And play better next time please 🙂


Janine Docherty
Vice Chair, Labour Friends of Football


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