Living Wage Week: Upping Our Campaign for Football Clubs to End Low Pay

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Above is the piece in today’s Daily Mirror on our campaign for all professional football clubs to pay at least the living wage to all employees. On p.2 of the printed version, our Chair Andrew Pope is quoted as calling it a “scandal”, that “not a single English side has followed suit” of Hearts in Scotland.

We will be asking all 92 Premier League and Football League clubs, all 12 Scottish Premier and a couple of other Scottish clubs.

We have contacts at many clubs across the UK and will be working with them to “demand a decent wage for low-paid workers” at football clubs.

We have congratulated FC United of Manchester, who were the first club in the UK to be accredited as a Living Wage Employer. At the moment, they are a semi-professional club, but as they are so well run, owned by their fans and rooted in community values, they are an outstanding example of fan power.

We are delighted to see Friday’s and Saturday’s pieces in the Mirror and Evening Standard quoting Labour MPs Sadiq Khan MP and Frank Field MP, and their campaigns for the living wage in the Premier League.

This vindicates the campaign we started back in April.

And adds to the success of our campaigns on fan power.

Join Labour Friends of Football (just e-mail us that you agree with our objectives in our FAQs)

Join our campaigns!

Join the fight for Labour values in football!


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