Celtic – A Useful Step on the Living Wage

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We have been campaigning vigorously for the living wage at ALL professional clubs in Scotland, England and Wales.

Whether you are in any of these countries, survey after survey, including the above one by the Mirror, or the one conducted by the GMB, shows massive public support for the living wage.
There has been a very interesting development in the campaign,with the announcement by Celtic at their recent AGM that they intend to consult on bringing it in for around 180 permanent staff.

Responding to the announcement, Andrew Pope, Chair of Labour Friends of Football, said:”I am delighted that Celtic have followed Hearts in moving on the living wage.

“We are asking for ALL professional clubs in Scotland to pay a decent wage. If football clubs can pay players thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands a week, they can pay £7.85 per hour to those off the pitch who work equally hard for low pay.”

“We know that many families below the poverty line are actually in work and a living wage will help combat that.”

“I hope that Celtic’s example will mean that other clubs and other players will also set an example, and help ensure that all directly-employed staff are paid the living wage.”

Jamie Smyth, Labour Football Board member and lifelong Celtic supporter, said: “I’m delighted that Celtic have taken the decision to consult on all permanent staff being paid the living wage. For a club the size of Celtic this is a small drop in the ocean compared to the transfer fees and wages they pay but will be a huge difference for staff trying to make ends meet.

“That we have reached this point is in no small part down to the Celtic fans, especially the Celtic Supporters Trust, who have pushed so hard for its introduction.”

“These are positive but albeit first steps by Celtic and going forward we hope the club will reconsider signing up to extend its living wage commitments.”

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