Chelsea First Premier League Living Wage Club

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We are quoted in the Mirror piece above on Chelsea becoming the first Premier League club to pay the living wage.

This follows our campaigning for the living wage at all 92 Premier and Football League clubs.

Our Chair, Andrew Pope, reacted by saying:

“Chelsea Football Club is showing leadership to all clubs in the Premier League. It is demonstrating to local people and people across the UK, and to supporters and members of the club, that it cares about its employees’ standard of living.

“Their programme below shows how proud the Chelsea Supporters Trust members were at the news.
“We have said before that there is a groundswell of support by football fans and the public for football clubs to show that they care about local peoples standard of living. The living wage helps people live in a cost of living crisis.”

“Labour Friends of Football looks forward to Chelsea and other Premier League clubs taking further steps on addressing the cost of living crisis. I know that other clubs are looking at the living wage, because I and colleagues are in dialogue with them.

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