Statement on Premier League Living Wage

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We have welcomed the 20 Premier League clubs’ announcement on the living wage. Andrew Pope, our Chair, said today:

“What a difference a month makes! Last month they were telling us there was no agreed line they gave to clubs, that clubs were not “charities” and did not want to be seen as “campaigning tools”.

Now they are communicating for the clubs an agreed line to pay the Living Wage, but sadly, not yet.

And not for all directly-employed staff, full-time, part-time or zero hours.

And not for contractors, partners and suppliers such as catering staff at grounds or training facilities.”

We are used to helping organisations who are learning about the living wage to reduce their concerns and ease them through the process.

On seeking clarification with the Premier League Director of Communication, he says the Living Wage was for permanent and not full-time as they originally stated.

Clubs we’ve dealt with directly include Southampton, Everton and Manchester City – all clubs that have declared intent on the Living Wage.

We started our campaign a year ago.

There is a long way to go yet.

We look forward to continue our campaigning for the living wage at all 100+ professional clubs in the English Premier League and Football League and the Scottish Premier League.


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