Statement on Labour Football Chair

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Andrew Pope has stepped down as Chair of Labour Football after leaving the Labour Group on Southampton City Council last week. Oliver Deed, Secretary of Labour Football will act as Chair until the AGM in the summer.

On stepping down Andrew said:

“I am very disappointed to step down as Chair of Labour Football. Whilst I still remain a member of the Labour Party, I feel it is in the best interests of the group that I step down. I have worked hard to build Labour Football, having co-founded the organisation in 2012. I am proud of the work we have done under my chairmanship. 

I have led national campaigns on the Living Wage at all professional clubs and more power for fans. I will continue that fight moving forward with a new organisation – the Campaign for Reform in Football.  

I would like to thank Secretary Oliver Deed, all members of the Board and all supporters of Labour Football. I look forward to us working together once more.”

Oliver Deed, Acting Chair, said;

“I deeply regret that Andrew has decided to step down as Chair but I think he has made the right decision for the good of Labour Football. Andrew did a terrific job as Chair and achieved a great deal including on our campaign to get clubs to pay a Living Wage. Labour Football will now look to build on that work during the course of the next Parliament and beyond.”


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