Grassroots Football CLP Motion

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Labour Football are committed to ensuring the Labour Party takes a leading role in helping to support grassroots football across the country. One of our key members is leading the charge to get CLPs to adopt a motion on the topic.

Tony Roome, a member of Labour Football, Leyton Orient supporter and an active member of the Football Supporters’ Federation, has drafted the following motion on Grassroots Football which we encourage Labour Party members to table to their own CLPs.

Grassroots Football 

This Labour Party notes:

  • the re-emergence of Labour Football, a campaigning group aimed at keeping what’s best for football and supporters in Labour thinking and the public eye, and currently focusing on grassroots football and the next two World Cups
  • the tremendous importance of grassroots football to many young people: boys and girls, men and women, and its clear contribution to the health and cohesion of our communities
  • the deterioration of facilities (training and changing facilities, standard of pitches etc) being brought about by the current Government’s cuts programme
  • the significant increase in cost of hiring pitches and associated facilities etc (where they exist)
  • the reduction in school training space caused by schools selling off land to fund other developments in the absence of more appropriate funding
  • the failure of the Premier League to keep to its promise of providing 5% of its television income to grassroots football

Consequently we resolve:

  • to highlight the problems faced by grassroots football in our media statements and campaigns, emphasising that the problem is caused by underfunding from central government and our determination to address the problem;
  • to encourage the Council to address the issues facing grassroots football, both through identifying funding opportunities and by establishing innovative funding methods (including building and developing relationships with senior football clubs, commercial organisations etc) in order to underpin the provision of decent training and changing facilities and the provision of good standard artificial and natural pitches at a price within the means of our communities;
  • to bring together local grassroots football clubs, along with other relevant community and campaigning groups, in our area, in order that we can discuss with them how best we can support grassroots football.

If you have any questions about the motion, please contact us on Please get in touch if you have tabled this motion to your CLP.


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